I do stuff at a really cool company but this blog is purely for entertainment purposes. Sometimes mine. Sometimes yours. I dig hugs, gadgets, ink, martinis, cupcakes, & the Detroit Lions. I’m allergic to off buttons. And my dog wears hoodies.

The opinions expressed herein, which are neither copyrighted nor trademarked and are generally uninteresting except to a very small group of people, are mine and mine alone. This blog is my personal account of completely random events and ideas, some of which are more fuzzy than others, and is not intended to represent the opinions of those who contribute to my bank account. Names have been changed to protect the socially awkward. Typos and other inaccuracies are likely the result of Baxter’s late night trysts with my MacBook. Yes, the Bax Man is a blogger, too. As are the three inch androids who live under my couch. However, no puppies, robots or their likenesses were ever harmed by this blog or its unfortunate musings. Read at your own risk.

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