A random collection of (beauty) things I love. Right now.

Let me start this off by saying I do not represent any of the companies or products below. I mean, I totally *would* and definitely *could*… but I don’t. Also, I totally 100% truly believe with the words in the image* above. But, yeah, even though true beauty comes from within, a little help never hurts. So I put together a completely random collection of beauty related stuff I’ve found and used and that has impressed me so much that I decided to share all of my secret finds with you! Heyyyyy lucky.


This shampoo. I’ve only been using it for a week but I can already tell the difference. Thanks, Anne.

This blow dryer. For years I’ve used cheap-o hair dryers. Because: short hair don’t care. But I’m telling you, I’m a huge fan of fancy hair dryers now. Thanks, Stacey.

This dusting powder. I don’t know how it works. I don’t really care. It’s awesome. Even though it’s a little weird. Also: believe it when the directions say use sparingly. Thanks, Rachael, my new favorite stylist.


This moisturizer and tinted moisturizer are my all-time faves. And in the cold winter months, I love them even more. Thanks, awesome lady at the Laura Mercier counter I met forever ago.

This eyeshadow insurance will give your make-up remover a run for its money. But your eyes will look dope. All. Day. Long. Thanks, Sephora.

These make-up remover wipes rock. And so do these. Thanks, local drugstore sale.

This lip balm is awesome. And, no, I don’t like the little round ball of lip balm that most people associate with Eos. Because: weird. Thanks, bored waiting in line at Target.


This gel polish. And this one, too. For the feet and the hands. Thanks, nail salon lady.

These mittens. OMGOMGOMG life changing. Thanks, Zappos.


This body soap. It’s tingly. And smells awesome. Get it, girl. Thanks, Anne.

This exfoliator thing. I’ve been staring at it in my shower for months. I finally used it. Love. Thanks, Stacey.

This lotion. Spray and go? Yes, please. Truth be told, you gotta work a little bit but it’s oh-so-easy to moisturize now. Thanks, TV commercial.

[Earmuffs, guys.] This brand (bras). This brand (also bras). This brand (more bras). And this brand (undies). Thanks, Journelle (aka my favorite store).

And now, go forth and be beautiful. Inside and out.


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