The struggle is real.

A few weeks ago, I sat down with a colleague / dear friend and basically had a meltdown about my addiction to technology and being always on. So, with that conversation in mind, over the holidays I took some time to really try to disconnect and to be more present. I started with Facebook and Twitter.

And, people, let me tell you… the struggle is real. 

At first I just tried to not check / not post / not engage. Dumb. I mean, who was I kidding?! So then I had to get a little more aggressive with my digital detox. And by that I mean I took Facebook and Twitter off my iPhone. GONE. DONE. HOLY SHIT. They’re both still on my Android but I’m logged out. So it’s not as easy to check nonstop, which I found I was doing. WHOA. Was I ever. And by that I mean: all. the. time. All day. Throughout the night. When out with friends. When out on dates. While waiting for you-name-it. As soon as I’d get to a subway stop with wifi. On planes. On trains. In Ubers. While on the phone. While in meetings. I mean, for fuck’s sake. What was I thinking?!

But change is good, right? And nobody *really* needs to see 8,000 pics of Baxter and my manis and pedis, or know my whereabouts and the various drinks / eats / sights that are part of life in the Big Apple. OH, BUT THEY TOTALLY DO! Not. Although I’m embracing this new *freedom*, I’m also still active on both Facebook and Twitter, and will probably always be. It’s partly the industry I’m in and it’s also the best way — for me anyway — to stay in touch with both family and friends. So on some level it has become a necessary evil.

However. I’ve realized that once I made it a little more difficult to log-in, the desire to do so also decreased. And just like that, I feel like I got part of my life back. I’ve read more (when I’d normally be on social media). I’ve listened to more audio books (when I’d normally be on social media). I’m more present with friends and colleagues. I’ve slowed down a lot. And I feel like my head has calmed down too. SO YAY! New year, new me. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Next up: convincing myself that I don’t need to break the world record for email response time. And please don’t email me now to test me. I’m off to read a book. Riiiiiiiight after I post this to, yeah yeah yeah, Facebook and Twitter. So, fuck off*.


* I just finished reading Ev’s awesome post on Medium, that you may have already seen as it’s been making the rounds on the interwebs. Anywho, the ending? Pure genius. So genius in fact that I had to figure out how to work it into this post. You know what they say about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery? Yeah, that. 

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