Things I will miss about Brooklyn. And not.

The tree-lined streets. 

Prospect Park.

All of the charm that makes up Brooklyn. 

Fort Greene Park


The people. 

Ample Hills Creamery

The culture. 

All of the brownstones. 

My favorite nail salon

Brooklyn Flea

The diversity. 

Speedy Romeo

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

The guy who owns the bodega on the corner. Who will I take sangria to in Jersey City?!

My UPS and FedEx guys. 

OK, and the other guy who owns the other bodega on the other corner. He doesn’t get sangria but he’s nice. 

Black Swan

And the list goes on. My time in Brooklyn was amazing. I’m excited to have lived here and I’m excited for change. Lucky for me, the list of things I’ll miss is way longer than the list of things I won’t. Which, to me, says it was all good. Wondering what I won’t miss? 

The G train

The trees on the block that smell like semen

And the dry cleaner who lost my favorite DVF dress. 

And that is all. For now.


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