Just your average Saturday morning. If you’re me.

It all started out perfectly normal. Woke up early, took Baxter for a walk, came home and started getting ready to head up to Westchester to visit a friend (Hi, Britt!) who’s in the hospital for a few days (she’s OK and hopefully returning home today or tomorrow). And then…

…I took a cab to the ZipCar location to pick up my car only to find out it wasn’t there. While talking with ZipCar support they realized that the car was cataloged incorrectly and doesn’t actually live at that garage. While they were nice enough to upgrade me for the same price and give me an hour credit, they didn’t have another car at that location available, so…

…Lucky for me, someone was getting out of a cab when I figured this out so I hopped in and gave the driver the directions that I hastily pulled off my phone. The only issue is that I realized the street number was 700 – and not 70! – when we were almost to the destination. If that’s not bad enough, because of my lack of map-reading skills, I realized after I got to the 2nd ZipCar location that it would have taken me ~8 minutes to walk there, bad foot and all.

…The new ZipCar (Audi A5 = pretty awesome ride!) was in a parking garage. I’m assuming the attendant had a bad night because usually they pull the cars out for you. Not this guy. He pointed to the car and said “there it is.” I got in and realized I was wedged between a wall and a pole. Fifteen or so minutes later I was on my way. There’s a reason I don’t park cars in tight spaces for a living. I would starve.

…All was good in the hood thanks to a lovely lady giving me directions through the car’s speakers. (I guess that’s one advantage of getting upgraded to a car with a navigation system, especially considering I couldn’t find a USB plug for my phone.) That is until I ended up on the George Washington Bridge heading to New Jersey. So… yeah. On the bright side, the view when driving back and forth across the GWB (who does that?!) is quite lovely this time of year. Radio now off, I managed to return to the right state in no time flat. Kind of.

…Finally in Bronxville, I parked in the first spot I could find near the hospital. There’s a ton of construction happening on one side of the hospital and I didn’t want to get lost. I sat in the car so I could text Britt to find out her room number and had stopped paying attention to the outside world for a second. Imagine my shock when someone opened my door. I nearly had a heart attack. And I think the same can be said for the sweet lil old lady who mistakenly opened said door. Turns out she has the same exact car. Parked two spots up. She couldn’t stop apologizing even though I told her it was not a problem at all. Then she said “I would have died if that happened to me” and walked away. Yeah.

…After walking almost a FULL BLOCK out of the way (see note above re. construction), I finally figured out where I was going and made my way to floor 5 where I finally (FINALLY!) got to hang out with Britt for a few minutes.

Fortunately, the drive back to Brooklyn wasn’t nearly as eventful. And now I’m left wondering if all the bad luck from this morning means some good luck is coming my way? I’m thinking yes. And I’m hoping for a Tigers win tonight. Until then, I think I’ll stay put in the quiet comfort of my flat.

Peace out homechickens. And may the travel gods be with you today.

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