Tattoos, Online Dating & Douchebags


I have tattoos. Lots. I’ll probably get more. Who knows. I didn’t know this until I started getting more ink, but people have VERY strong feelings about tattoos. And I didn’t know it because I try not to judge people for things like tattoos. Folks. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a history. People express themselves in different ways. Don’t judge. If you don’t like tattoos, don’t like tattoos. That’s cool. But be respectful of people who like them and have them. I can say with 100% certainty, you’re likely not perfect. None of us are.

Although I do try to downplay my ink in the working world (and am VERY fortunate to be in a career and work with a kick ass team where my tattoos matter less than my brain and my sparkling, effortless charm), I tend to be upfront about my ink in the dating world. Because, well, I don’t want to meet *that guy*.

Last week I got an email from a random on dating-site-du-jour (oh! do I have stories). Keep in mind that:

1. I have a pic posted that clearly shows I’m tattooed. In fact, it’s above.

2. My parameters for my *perfect match* are somewhere in the neighborhood of my own age (40) and not too far north of that. I also specified that I’m only interested in dating guys who live NEAR me.

3. Being on an online dating site and reaching out to others on an online dating site is obviously completely optional.

So, dear readers, meet *that guy*… he’s 16 years my senior and lives a good hour or so away, clearly not within my parameters by a LONG shot, and he thought it was a good idea to send this email:

It all looked Great Till I saw ALL the Tats 
Tats Not 4 Me 
1 or 2 Little tats OK 
All my Art is on a canvas , framed & signed

Oh. My. God.  I cannot even begin to go there with his profile. That would be judging. And I’m not judging. But, naturally, I couldn’t help myself. I replied:

So what exactly is the point in emailing me, if you’re so offended by my tattoos, especially considering you’re not within my parameters anyway?  Good luck with your search.

Radio silence. Of course. I wanted to add douchebag to the end of my reply but, well, that would be rude. Almost equally as rude as his email to me, which was completely unsolicited and also very unnecessary. Sadly, though, I’m kind of used to the ridiculous tattoo comments. Isn’t there something else you can throw that energy toward, maybe to do some good in the world?

So, good people of the world, some unsolicited advice for y’all, take it or leave it:

1. Try to remember and live by the age-old saying: don’t judge a book by its cover.

2. Don’t be a tool if you find yourself on an online dating site or you might end up a life lesson on a blog somewhere.

And now… I shall go and contemplate my next piece of art. Carry on.

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