A little Al is good for the soul.

I woke up super sad this morning. I started the morning as I usually do… checking email, Twitter, Facebook. I know, I know… I need better morning habits. This morning I saw some updates to a post that one of my brother’s friends posted to Facebook in Lanny’s memory.

Enter the waterworks.

It’s been just over seven years since we tragically lost Lanny but yet some days the feelings are so strong that it feels like it happened all over again. I’ll never forget that day. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my brother.

But rather than wallow in my misery, as is so easy to do, I decided to put a little Al Green on my Big Jambox and rock out. OK, not really. But it’s really hard to listen to Al Green and not feel good. So, this one is for Al Green. Thanks, my man.

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