Free online dating advice. AKA lesson #1,277,648.


Guys. Please. Do not ever, EVER, under any circumstances, send someone this* email. Ever. You’re welcome.


i am relaxing with a glass of wine on this balmy sunday here before meeting friends for a late dinner and then to a lounge.born and raised here,fluent in french,swedish,danish,decent italian,have lived in paris,london,stockholm,travel often for leisure as its a huge passion,majorca,portofino,st.tropez,provence,amalfi coast,corfu,tuscany,prague,ravello,st.barts,capri etc.. the last thing i am interested in is shallow arm candy with nothing to say,few interests,no depth and no substance.

there has to be an intrigue to want to meet someone from on here based on their profile and i love my dog as well but nothing else to go on with your profile as you did not write anything else about yourself,interests,passions,travel,do for fun here in the city??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

enjoy a funky roof top lounge,a cozy,sexy and intimate wine bar,discovering new restaurants,bistros to hidden gems …for an amazing,non touristy roof top view of the city sky line,dancing,live gigs,black and white photography,fashion prives,galleries to an opening at MOMA(museum of modern art)avid tennis and soccer player,love to scuba,taking my dog to central park,intimate dinners with friends,spending time with family,avid reader,steig larson,ny times,neruda,liberal causes,foreign films,vineyards,openings,rangers and knicks games,the farmers market in union square as i like to cook even more so for and with a woman i am into,spontaneous weekend get aways to a passionate evening at home with a good bottle of brunello,great conversation,spooning,lots of laughter etc.. have a fun sunday evening.


*I removed all personal info before posting here, obvi, though it was wildly entertaining, albeit slightly jarring/shocking/insane, to read the email in its entirety.

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