A blog is a blog is not a blog.

So, I was not so happy when Twitter shut down Posterous. And even though my company’s site runs on WordPress, I was on the fence about switching to WordPress because I felt like it was a little more complicated. And I really, really, really wanted to just use Tumblr… because it’s easy.

Well, I tried to go to Tumblr but then realized I couldn’t easily move over all of my old Posterous posts.

So I tried SquareSpace, which should have made it easy to switch. I didn’t think so.

Fast forward to tonight. I logged into WordPress and realized that I already had an account… and a lot of old blog posts. It also only took me all of two minutes to import all of my content from Posterous. It took me a bit longer to figure out templates. And I may or may not have made an oops purchase of a template that I’ll likely never use but… it was quite easy overall! AND the best part is that the “new post” option in the current version of WordPress (which I hadn’t seen before) is quite similar to Tumblr in that it makes it super easy to post stuff.

And that is all I post. Stuff. Random stuff. Whatever stuff. Stuff stuff.

Enjoy my stuff.

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