L@ter, @Twitter. (But, don’t worry, like Arnold… I’ll be back.)


My dear friend and colleague, @megan_lamb, pinged me a link to this post by a guy I don’t know but can relate to (and weirdly could see myself being friends with IRL). Ah-ha! IRL. There it is. Odds are I won’t meet @adambrault in real life but I could very likely create a friendship with him via name-your-favorite social channel. And there you have it. Hello 2013.

I’ve been an extreme Twitter loyalist from the beginning of time. The lovely @rachaelrad can tell you about the time I thought Twitter was cool before hashtags were important, but like other people trying to figure out what to do with it, I got it all wrong. ALL. WRONG. What we tried to use it for at @cutline was kind of what Yammer ended up becoming 18 months later when it debuted. Ah, if only we were engineers six years ago and not flacks. But I digress.

Post Cutline-disaster-experiment, I started my love/hate relationship with Twitter in full force. Love/hate in the most loving way, of course. I don’t do anything half-ass. If I love something, I REALLY love something. If I hate something, well, you can probably figure that out. Game. Over. But Twitter has always had a little piece of my heart. I’ve made a lot of friends through Twitter. I have a lot of friends who work at Twitter, whose companies were acquired by Twitter, who are working on really cool sh*t at Twitter. I’ve seen proposals and babies born and all flavors of crazy happen on Twitter in the last 2174 days. And it’s been nothing short of awesome. Yeah. I totally love Twitter.

I also love my life. In fact, to get a little closer to finding the real me, a couple of months ago I moved back to New York City, the one place in the world I’ve always felt was like home to me. It was arguably the best decision I made in 2012. Why? Because I made it based 100% on my own personal happiness. I didn’t worry about work. I didn’t worry about what my friends would say. I didn’t worry about what my family would say. I didn’t care what it meant to the no bueno relationship that had ended but was kind of sort of in limbo. And I didn’t even think twice about my California wardrobe and the fact that my body doesn’t do well in subzero temperatures. I just thought about what would make me happy in my 40th year on this planet and I made the move. It was so liberating.

It’s with that same sense of finding myself that I decided, after reading Adam’s post, to take a social media break. I’m starting with Twitter (I already left Instagram and I just removed the Path app from my phone). I’m not leaving Twitter forever, no. What, do you really think I’m certifiably bat sh*t insane? No. I’m not. Though I did make a resolution this year to be more present in the real world and not focus so much on what’s happening on Twitter or Facebook. (Among other resolutions, like not being so easily irritated which might be related to the former.) And a couple of things that Adam wrote really resonated with me. This sage advice at the end…

“If your Twitter “uptime” is over one year, I strongly encourage you to try taking an extended break, just to reimagine what your life looks like without it.”

…really pushed me over the edge. I’ve realized that I’ve become far too reliant on social channels for everything. It doesn’t bode well with my obsessive personality. There are days when it takes over my brain and my life. There are times when I feel like I’m about to break into a panic attack because I haven’t checked Twitter in a minute and need to know every single thing that every single person I follow is saying. RIGHT NOW. It’s not good. It’s not healthy. I need to find a balance. And I need to get out there in the real world and remember what life was like when there was more calm in my brain. So I’m taking break.

I don’t really have a plan. I’d like to think I can do this for a month. I’m going to try. But, have no fear, I’ll be back. And hopefully with a new perspective on life. At least life on Twitter.

Until next time… peace out, homechickens.

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