Stress? What stress? Ah, the life of a PR person.

Always hustlin’ and always trying to win over the hearts and minds of reporters and clients everywhere. And once again we’ve made it on the list of the most stressful careers. I’m not sure where PR ranked last year but we seem to make the list every year.

And of course I realize that there are far more meaningful careers on this list that are way more stressful. I have yet to risk my life during the course of my career. Though I did go to the 40th Anniversary Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas a few years back for a client. I think that kind of counts, no? I mean, I was accused of being a Romulan.

Jokes aside, shout out to the people who give so much to make the world go ’round, stress and all. Now go reach out and give your local PR person some love. 🙂

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