The power of words.

Last night I was texting with a friend who had tweeted something really nice about a mutual friend. I asked what had happened (some might say I’m nosey; I say I’m curious and that it’s a sign of intelligence… but I digress). He said that our friend had sent him a really nice email that made him happy. And he clearly wanted to return the gesture. Lovely. Simply lovely. 

My morning ritual usually consists of checking email (first work, then personal), social networks, and the news. Yes, in that order. Yes, before I get out of bed. (Let’s not talk about why I’m single.) Well, this morning I got an email that really threw me. It’s from a friend and colleague who relocated from the Bay Area. We’ve worked together for years on a lot of different projects. I haven’t seen him in a while. He ended the note with this: “I miss seeing your big smile, loud laugh, and gracious hug.” Sure, I’m emotional by nature but that was really touching. He didn’t have to write that. He chose to write that. And at that point I knew exactly what the friend I was texting with last night was talking about. 

Those words made me happy. They made me feel good. Behold, my friends, the power of words.

Words have a weird way of triggering emotions. People talk all the time. Some days it feels like everyone is Charlie Brown’s teacher. There are days when I can’t process words because they’re coming too fast, too furiously, and none of it makes any sense or seems meaningful. And I’m in the business of words. But when someone takes the time to say something kind and thoughtful, and just because, it’s hard not to be moved. I think we could all probably learn to be a little more gracious with our words. We could all take the time to say something nice to someone. And then we could all start our days a little happier. 

Imagine that. 

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