Miracle worker.


I’m totally a sucker for marketing. There’s no way around it. So when I ruined a brand new skirt recently, and a few people recommended the Oxi Clean gel stick, I had no problem potentially being a sucker again.

Let me first tell you that the skirt is floor length and it’s a very light color. I wore it for the first time on 4th of July and carelessly threw it in a corner at the end of the night. Perhaps the more careless decision was to throw a wet burgundy colored towel on the pile. Yeah. You can imagine what happened next.

Sadly, I didn’t see that my lovely skirt had turned pink before I washed and dried it. When I heard about this stick I figured it couldn’t help to try. And I am so glad I did.

Stains are gone. Color is fine. All is good. Sure, it took almost a full stick but saving my skirt was well worth the four bucks. Stains be damned with Oxi Clean gel stick!

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