If you can relate to this post, it’s time for you to walk away from the interwebs.


Last week I was chatting with the BF about our upcoming D8 in Palm Springs when he mentioned dune buggy rides. I quickly responded with: “OH. MY. GAWD. I. CAN. HAZ. DUNE BUGGY. RIDE. PLEASE. LULZ!” Almost as quickly, I wanted to kick myself. Who am I? Why am I talking like this? And who understands me? Turns out most people probably do. Yikes.

A/W, yesterday I read the New Yorker post on the results of the first Questioningly, in which they asked readers which word should be abolished from the English language. I immediately thought of my chat about dune buggies and also about how I normally communicate. Many of the words that readers suggested are part of my everyday lexicon (it’s called the language of Forsie). Ouch. Not. Awesome. (Yes, awesome is one such word.) So I started thinking more broadly about the words that irritate me and realized that it’s not actually (FYI: another word bound for abolition) words but ABBR and emoticons! 🙂 And I am SO guilty of both of these crimes against the English language.

IDK about you, but AFAICT we’ve become so used to chatting in 140 characters or less that we some days lose touch with people IRL. It often leaves me SMH. These days it feels like we’re rarely AFC and we’re never really AFP so maybe that’s part of the problem (oh, and “normal” peeps might think we mean Agence France-Presse when we say AFP, sigh. It’s very confusing living in abreves world). Yes, AIUI, AITYD too, it’s just easier to pop in an ABBR. Not just OOMF, but all of them, seem to understand this new language. Double yikes.

So, here’s a challenge for you. Try to live without ABBR and emoticons for a day. Or a week. Yes, I’m sure you’re LOLing right now (really though, think about it, when you write that are you really *ever* LOLing?). Or maybe you’re saying to yourself, “OMGD, WTH, IDK if I can do that. LULZ.” But that’s fine. I’m currently ROTFLOL because I’m not sure I can do it either. :/ But I’m going to try. For the good of the English language, that is, I’m going to try. Wish me luck. Oh, and OMT: MTFBWY. O/O!


p.s. It’s going to be 95 degrees and sunny in Palm Springs this weekend. OMW! And this post has been EFA.

(Note, I originally wrote this for my worky work blog but figured it was relevant to all parts of my life so posted it here, too!) 

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