Six amazing years.


Before you get carried away, I’m not going anywhere. This isn’t a farewell-I’m-moving-on-to-startup-X blog post. Instead, it’s a thank you. And a reflection of sorts.

A bit more than six years ago I met someone who would become not only my future manager and my mentor but also a very, very dear friend. More importantly, six years ago today I started working with the one and only Megan Lamb. Continuing the six theme, six months later we started Cutline. In a few short months we’ll celebrate our sixth birthday. It’s been one crazy amazing ride to say the least, and even though I periodically complain, I’ve loved every minute of it. Megan has become an incredible mentor to me and every day I learn from her in ways that still surprise me. She has also become an incredible friend and an amazing one-woman support group in my personal life. For that I owe her a world of thanks but words just aren’t enough. 

There are also a bunch of other folks who have made this journey even more amazing: my fellow Cutliners. Megan and I both know that we wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for the awesome team we’ve built at Cutline. Every day this team of smart folks I’m lucky enough to work with inspire me, challenge me, and make me laugh. I learn from them and have grown as an individual and a professional as a result. And even though I’ve said amazing three times already it’s really the one word that comes to mind when I think of Cutline today. It’s pretty amazing. Sure, it’s often challenging and some days aren’t awesome but in the grand scheme of things? It’s really f*cking amazing. (And if you’re *really* following along you’ll note that I stayed true to the six theme.) 

So, to my fellow Cutliners: thanks a ton for a great and crazy ride. Y’all kick ass and I’m honored and humbled to be on your team! And to everyone else who has played a part — our fabulous clients, reporter friends, former Cutliners, and other friends of Cutline — I thank you and look forward to (at least) six more years of awesome. 

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