Warning: Extreme cuteness ahead. Read at your own risk.

And if you’ve made it past the headline, meet Baxter. He’s a nine-week-old bundle of extreme cuteness. He’s a Mal-Shi (cross between a Maltese and Shih-Tzu). Right now he’s ~1.5 pounds and he’ll likely only grow to 6-7 pounds. And he’s all mine. Yep, I have a puppy. I’m now responsible for every adorable little hair on his cute little body! On the topic of ownership, however, Whiskey thinks he belongs to her. I guess that’s actually a better outcome than I could have hoped for truth be told. Given Whiskey’s impressive size, I think she knows who runs things around here. Day three and no major injuries — to them, me or the house. I’m knocking on wood. Wish me luck!


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